mansi singh

I stood up on my feet again

Guest Story 

I was paralysed. The whole world stopped in front of my eyes. I felt nothing. The day it caught hold of me  and those fifteen days in hospital seemed dreadful and lifeless. The life after seemed more dreadful. What will I do? How would I cope up with everything? I loved my daughter so much, I wanted to cook for her, go out with her. But what if would not walk again? Ever. I felt numb. The doctor said to start physiotherapy at home. He said it may help me a little. So my husband started the physiotherapy for me. Doctor Naveen used to come everyday. One day he just sat with me and talked. He told me to pucker up, to believe in myself because he believed in me. He said I need to spring life inside me to live it out. From that day I did my best and so did he. A day came when I stood up again after six months and now I'm able to do all the work again. I will never forget Dr Naveen because he gave me a new life. I will always be thankful.
Sarita Khandelwal