mansi singh

3'O clock

 Guest Story
My name is Yashi and I am 21 years old, since a very young age I have a low sugar problem. Whenever my sugar drops I feel giddy and weak, sometimes I faint. I recall one of the many episodes when my sugar went too low. 
It was back when I was in college, I was living in a hostel at that time. At 3'o clock in the morning I woke up all of a sudden, I was thirsty and got up to fetch myself a glass of water but as soon as I did I couldn't walk, I froze. I fell down, my head was spinning and I felt like I was too weak to even stand up on my own feet.I didn't know what to do, with feeble effort I somehow woke up my roommate. We struggled to make our way to the warden,  Shobhna's room. 
In the dead of the night every near by hospital in the small city of Raipur was shut. We got into Shobhna ma'am's car and drove to the nearest clinic in hopes of getting some help. 
Fortunately the clinic's owner, i. e. the doctor lived in the same building as the clinic, in fact he was the owner of the three storey building in which he had his clinic and his home.My roomate and warden rushed me to to his door and knocked on his door for help. Within a few minutes the doctor opened the door, after looking at my condition he knew that I needed immediate attention and care. 
He rushed me to the clinic and immediately injected a glucagon solution in my arm.Untill the morning glucose was injected in my body till I regained a healthy amount of sugar in my body. I was still weak in the morning but there wasn't anything to worry about. 
I could have had a seizure that could have resulted in a coma if the doctor had not attended me that day, I am grateful to him for not turning me down that day, he didn't think twice about it and rushed to help me as soon as he could, because he knew that if he hadn't it would have costed a life, my life.That day we didn't even say a word, we didn't have to explain ourselves, the doctor,  Mr. Rahul Modi was so patient, you would expect someone to get angry if you loudly knocked on their door in the middle of the night, but Dr. Modi was so considerate and kind that day, that without having to explain anything to him, he took care of things perfectly and I can never thank him enough for that. 
Yashi Singh