Dr Suryakant Bhatt: We give Medicine only if Required

Mumbai, Malad West, opposite railway station, a few meters away from Hanuman temple, there is an old sky-blue ruined structure. Once, twenty years ago it was crowded with patients from all class. Dr. Suryakant Bhatt remains in memory not because of his medical achievements but because of his noble manners. They call it, 'A True Medical Manners'. His dispensary ran for few decades till he died and as long as he lived he followed his rules. 
  He used to say, "We do not give medicine unless it is required, so I talk to the patients about food habits and used to get the cure for the small infection oriented disease.  I never apply surgery if medicine worked. We were taught to follow this rule"  It saved a lot of money for the middle and the poor class."
 My grandfather used to say, "Dr Bhatt is a doctor by passion and not merely by profession." Our three generation had been treated by Dr Bhatt. He was a family doctor for hundreds of families. The thin man with a fragile body, walking slowly but studying the patient sharply still runs in my mind when I sit out in modern clinics waiting for the results of those tests which Dr Bhatt would not even consider it to be done.