When my life took a turn.

This is my wife’s story.
Well i lost her years back, this is about 20 years back that i lost her, i have no kids no family, who i can call mine . All that i had was her, we were happily married and lived a very simple life, she was very loving , she would run to all the kids in my house treat them give them food to eat, she was a gem, when suddenly one day we realised due to her weak health she could not conceive, which made no difference in our life, i loved her even more , because the thought of having a woman who was so selfless made me love her more, she was good too. The fact she could not conceive did not make her feel upset or sad about anything nothing changed for her instead she started loving the kids in our house even more, by that i lived in a huge joint family. Many kids all around , we were satisfied with our lives.
One day , when i came back home she was a little low and i could not understand what was the reason, all quiet i did not pay more attention towards that . I took it very normally. Then , suddenly the next day she started puking , all that she ate came out, my heart was pounding bad , she was all i had , we gave some normal medicine we knew could be given that didn’t help either it became worse , she started puking again. We rushed to the hospital, the Dr without any formality took her under observation and the result came out her lungs got filled with water. I broke down , trust me the doctor who was treating her did so much for us that I cannot express in words. I loving her lost faith , but he didn’t, this went on and on the treatment was still going. But I guess she didn’t want to live either, she gave up and we lost her.
Dr.Naresh i cannot recall his surname as it was 20 years back but anyday If i could  i would Personally thank him for all the efforts that he put in, all the faith he had all that while, for all the strength he gave me. 
One little thank you is not enough, for mental strength is more important than physical strength and that’s what he gave me in days of distress. 
Thank you so much. I don’t find doctors like him today but i wish we had more doctors like him between us.