Cancerous Cancer

Guest story.
Before starting with this story the narrator of the story deeply wants to thank Dr. Vinay Vyas for putting up efforts and for being a responsible and generous doctor.
This happened about 5 years ago,my daughter was detected with cancer in her shoulders area, that was a strange feeling as ger mother narrates. 
We all were in distress we could not imagine as being without her , my daughter was hardly any age, and for me to discover that was a huge shock, for a few days i could bot bear the pain of losing her . After ger diagnosis we figured out that it was her primary stage and it could still be treated , we went through a lot of procedures. We did all that was advised by Dr. Vinay , he would always assure me and tell me nothing would happen and that did not just help me but even my daughter.
I use to be stressed out all the time but i knew i could not show that feeling to her.
Every night i use to get scared as to what will come tomorrow, but as advised we stuck to the medications and treatment procedures.
He advised me to give her food in sterilised utensils, everyday i use to boil the utensils  in hot water clean them properly and then serve her the food that was to be given.
I cannot count on to the things that were told and that i did it all seemed impossible for me at first but all this time i easily went through that because i knew it was my daughter at stake. 
Gradually, she was out of it and she recovered. It was like a miracle for nit just me but all of us who were with her in this journey.
The day when reports came out as negative i rushed to Dr and I couldn’t stop thanking him enough.
He has not just been an amazing mentor but a real real real life saver.