Super care givers

Hello everyone myself, Gulab Rani Vyas
I am 78 years old, about 3 years back i started suffering from a problem which was absolutely unknown to everyone, i was in a deep traumatic condition because of my own health , neither me nor could the doctors understand what took over on me , i was all okay during my operation that i went through but after my operation few years went on and suddenly I started gaining weight and it became so much that it was impossible for me to even walk or breathe, i went on to alot of doctors for my treatment, here and there. I couldn’t find a ray of hope anywhere the moment i use to think i am recovering something would go wrong and again i would land up on the same situation from where i started then i stopped, as i was tired of all the problems and traumas that kept on langering in my head , i was done with all that was happening with me and around me . I decided to take a break I appointed a physician who would come everyday to my place and make me do some moves so i could lose a little weight, all this while i felt stronger and better as the day was passing i was getting confident with my health and my breathing became better, it wAs another day when i got an attack I couldn’t breath at all everyone called out an ambulance and i was admitted to the hospital and finally i was diagnosed with the problem that was bothering me since long , that was all because i had very less oxygen in my body.
Finally i was treated for the same , i was kept in hospital for a week and i started feeling better by the end of the week.
It was a bery tirinf journey but i am thankful to my doctor who finally diagnosed my problem and helped me further also the physician who took care of me all that while. My family and my doctors gained and became my strength.
I am amazed today that doctors could’ve diagnosed my problem easily but they couldn’t also i feel with bad comes the good and with good comes the bad .
In the end a life is saved and that’s what matters.