Mahima Goyal


Guest Story,
The story below was narrated to me by my aunt a few years back. This is the story of a true friendship that grew between two strangers inside the walls of a hospital. A friendship which was nurtured by care and affection by my aunt and her Dr Mrs Verma.
           This friendship began when my aunt was hospitalized due to rise in her sugar levels. She used to live in Mumbai with her husband and was in her early 50's. Her 2 kids were living abroad .Although she was healthy overall but the habbit of not following proper food diet and taking unnecessary stress caused her sugar level to rise.
        As she didn't have  any relatives in Mumbai and my uncle had to go to office she was alone in the hospital most of the time . She had no one to talk with. This made her sad and was not helping to improve her health . She didnt like the hospital food either and thus was not eating well. Mrs Verma observed this and started spending time with her. Soon Dr Verma started having her lunch with her. She even bought extra tiffin for my aunt. She taught her some the recepies  useful for sugar patients. All this personal attention helped my aunt to recover quickly. It can said that she was her Munnabhai !
        Since then they both became best of friends and my aunt considers her a family member. I even got to meet her at my cousins wedding.
        It was great to see a professional getting involved with a patient on a personal level . This personal touch not only helps to improve patients health quickly but also opens doors for beautiful relations like one of my aunt and Dr Verma.