It is my mother's story.
it was a terrible time, my mother was just diagnosed with dengue, we did'nt expect it to worsen to a critical stage but it did, it began with basic fever , weakness and unconciousness. We realized she needed to be hospitalized , and we did what the situation demanded. Her DOCTOR'S name was DR.AMIN. The entire time she was under him , for treatment. Suddenly one night nobody realized and the blood counts fell miserably low , to our luk , Mr. Amin  was accessible as well as aware enough to begin a blood transfusion. Thanks to him to have saved my mother from something that could have affected her and us in a disgusting way , why i p[articularly want to thank him is the reason that when it was utter emergence and we needed someone to assist , a junior into all this , and the same time Mr.Amin was without any fail and issues accessible and started with the treatment as soon as he arrived.
     What impressed us or lets say me was the fact that hwe did not wait over for anything and straight away started treating my mother. She herself till date is very thankfull to him. 
This was my mother's story i know there exists many other doctor's who need a thank you, and they need to know how their acts have affected our lives.
   I  could'nt think of a better platform than this. Let us all do this.