mansi singh

The gift of Ayurveda

Guest Story

I am an ayurvedic doctor and recently i came across a case of a patient who was suffering from a fungal infection above his knee area,his leg had been amputated and he wore implants to substitute for the portion which had been amputated.In the rainy season his fungal infection used to get worse because his implants would get wet,it would further prevent him from wearing the implants.He had had the same problem for the past three years.He had tried using anti-fungal ointments and a lot of other things as well but nothing had worked and he still struggled with the infection.
He came to me hoping that maybe the ayurvedic treatment that i offered could cure him,since there weren't too many options left now.I put him on a treatment for 6 months , i prescribed two ayurvedic medicines namely - Gandhak Rasayan and the other one Khadirarishta.Within 6 months of the treatment ,he got rid of his fungal infection!He could now easily wear his implants and his mobilisation wasn't restricted anymore.
Not being able to walk without wearing the implants due to the fungal infection had been his biggest setback for the past three years and his elation at being free of the infection once and for all and not being tied to the same spot really gave him a mental and a physical boost!He constantly kept telling me that he would forever remain grateful to me and i kept telling him how happy i had been to help and be of some service to the poor man!I had just acted as a medium in his successful recovery,it really was the magic of "Ayurveda"that healed him.