mansi singh


Guest Story
My 10th Board Examinations were around the corner and i wanted to secure the first position in my school by hook or by crook.To be up to the mark and be consistent with my performance i'd always be studying at my tuition.My tuition teacher's daughter was a good friend of mine and we were both in 10th grade.They had a pet dog called pebbles which was a St.Bernard , and i loved to pet her.One day at the tuition during a study break i was playing with her as usual when out of the blue,she sprang into my lap and bit a big piece of skin off of my ear!I cried in pain,blood dripping down my ear and tears rolling down my cheeks,my tuition teacher panicked.She gave me a first aid and called my mother to inform her ,since pebbles had been vaccinated for rabies she sent me home and felt that there was no need for me to see a doctor.
I went home and hugged my mother,she took care of things and made me feel comfortable,after a while we went to a nearby clinic to get anti-rabies shot injected in my body and the next day everything was back to normal,my ear occasionally bled and hurt and i just took painkillers to subside the pain.
At 5 in the evening i left for my math tuition and on meeting my teacher he instantly inquired about my ear upon seeing the wound ,i told him about the whole incident.My math teacher was a doctor by profession,he only taught pupils because he loved to teach as well.He suggested me to go see a doctor and to not take things so lightly.He immediately took me to my house.
He was very good friends with an E.N.T Specialist called Dr Gopal Sharma.He drove me and my mom to the Sawai Man Singh Hospital where Dr. Gopal attended patients.On meeting the doctor we came to know that if i hadn't visited him,my ear would get infected,the infection would spread till my neck and then my treatment would become very complicated.
I am not a big fan of injections but Dr Gopal needed to inject a medicine in my ear,i needed not just one shot but two shots in my ear at once.The thought of it brought tears to my eyes but it had to been done to prevent my ear from getting infected.Dr Gopal came forward and just as he was about to inject my ear i burst into tears.
The doctor sat me down,instructed me to take deep breaths and encouraged me to be brave about it because after all it was just a matter of seconds,the pain wouldn't last forever he said and everything he said made sense to me.I followed his instructions this time,he made me lie down to make me feel calm about the whole thing.I instantly closed my eyes,while he proceeded with the injections,to my surprise i was done with the procedure in the blink of an eye!I had just felt a pinching sensation twice in my ear and i was done!Dr.Gopal was an expert at what he did and effortlessly injected my ear twice without making me feel the slightest of pain!Later he praised me for facing it and being brave when in reality it was his expertise that i went through the process so comfortably.
Radhika Somani