Mahima Goyal


Guest Story
My brother Amit who is 2 years younger to me was suffering from breathing problem since his birth till he reached the age of 16 years.My parents did a lot of efforts at the start but there were no sign of improvement and all our efforts seems to be ineffective.
      One day my parents approached Dr Nath through the contact of my uncle who lived in a building next to ours.He was a homeopathic doctor. He came as a ray of hope in our lives.His medicines did wonders to Amit's breathing condition.The results were good and he was improving moderately.
      Dr Nath used to visit my brother personally to our home .We were facing financial problem at that time, resulting in delayed payment of fees to doctor Nath .
But doctor Nath was so kind hearted and down to earth person that he did let money to become a hurdle in the operation and told my mom "koi baat nahi,aap jab chaho tab fees de sakte ho". His words made us feel so relieved.
     At last when my brother reached the age of 16 he found himself fit with no more breathing problem.Later on Dr Nath became our family doctor.Unfortunately Dr Nath passed away 3 years back.I remember the words he used to say to my parents" Amit thik ho jaayega sabar karo".He was right and gem of a person.
    We must trust doctors they play role of god in our lives. We should share each and every words to them.