Inhuman Doctors

I am a doctor and a father too, so I think I can answer this question.

This is his last photograph taken exactly three years ago (4/10/2014). He was a child much mature, wiser & intelligent to his age. He is my son DARPAN 11 years 3 months & 8 days old when he breathed last of his own, went onto ventilator and after 36 hours of fake drama on October 29, 2014, 9:10 AM, he went to his heavenly abode.

There can’t be a better example of medical negligence.

He was down with high fever and being a over caring parent took him to the pediatrician in whose multi speciality hospital I am one of the consultants. Everyone took his illness lightly. I thought of him suffering from Typhoid and got him admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics and the medical care. His blood profile and other tests like ultrasound abdomen were perfect.

On the fateful evening October 27, 2014 at 7:35 PM, We (me and my Darpan) went down for blocked IV cannula change and came up to his room walking. In a few moments, he asked me for a blanket as he started shivering. I gave him one and called the doctor on duty, who walked away casually saying that was probably due to thrombophlebitis and prescribed "Thrombofob”. Within few minutes I saw his hands and feet getting into spasm typical of Epilepsy. I realized being a doctor myself fever-induced seizures. The doctor was recalled after I shouted at the nursing staff and she told me to shift him to ICU. Without wasting a single minute, My elder son and I picked him in lap (as there was no stretcher available) & brought him downstairs to a room so called "Mini ICU” where a multipara monitor and oxygen was available. I kept informing the doctor about the rising temperature, pulse and heart rate but she at her own wisdom and acumen paid no heed to my alarms.

Ultimately in 10 minutes he gave up, collapsed and this bloody bitch was preparing carbamazepine infusion that was never infused. That lady doctor disappeared from the scene immediately. Then he was put on ventilator, revived but by then the game was already lost.

I saw him dying helplessly.

That day I realized that had I been a common illiterate man I would have thrashed the lady doctor and the pediatrician. That day I felt ashamed of being a doctor as I couldn’t thrash the bastards for killing my innocent son with no fatal ailment.

There was no remorse, no regret on the faces of shameless bastards Hospital administration.None of the attending team of doctors or nurses were held responsible.

Therefore I believe that Doctors can be bad and one doesn’t realize unless One loses his loved one that too without a disease or diagnosis.

There are not bad but even "Worst Doctors” than portrayed by Indian media in this materialistic world. 

I hope the readers would understand the sarcasm and identify the greedy doctors.