mansi singh


These new biscuits are a delicious manifestation of bakery”, Said Rajkishori Singh.. a resident of Sonepur house (Patna, Bihar ). She was a married Woman and a mother of two. Her lean and proportionate body anatomy with an amalgamation of beauty was an epitome of royal Rajputana culture of those times. It was a bright summer day and the newspaper lying next to the coffee table read out loud 15th of may, 1972. "Oh yes. A friend of mine left these biscuits this morning as a largesse”, replied Nripendra N. Singh in a soft and amiable manner to his wife. Before Mrs Singh could manage to take another bite her hands started trembling  and she started screaming with pain emanating  from her stomach region. Mr. Singh reckoned the situation required immediate medical attention and as a repercussion Mrs. Singh was rushed to the hospital. During those days owing to less development in medical science, the doctors were baffled to encounter a situation where a patient’s health was constantly declining only on account of a stomach ache. Few would say that it’s a case of gastritis( stomach inflation ) others would apprise a serious blockage of intestines.

Dr. Motibabu was a profound surgeon and it came as no surprise that he was immediately called to look into the delicate situation. It was his deep knowledge with a blend of wisdom that it took him only a few moments to establish the phenomenon as liver abscess. To only add to the distress of the Singh family , the disease was in its final stage where the chances of survival were restricted only to a miraculous event. Mrs Singh was ushered to the ICU and the operation began with Dr. Motibabu leading the team of doctors. The surgery took longer than expected ,about 2 Kgs of pus was removed from the liver.

Dr. Motibabu played his role of a life savior in the best manner possible. His experience and skill implanted a second life in Mrs. Singh. As soon as the operation concluded Mr. Singh was informed about the successful event and a teary eyed  husband broke with joy and happiness thanking God for casting his shadow upon the poor family. Today Mrs Singh is a 73 year old fit and active woman living a healthy life with her family and you know whom to thank!!!!