Mahima Goyal

Patiently handled patient

Guest Story, 
My grandfather is 70 year old. People say as we grow older they experience a wave of mood swings and get aggressive easily.Well they are right. My grandfather is a heart patient and faces problems of frequent heart blockage.One night as usual he got problem in breathing and was unable to sleep. My father immediately called our family doctor Dr Parikh who was treating my grandpa. When the doctor visited my grandpa started to yell at him saying " aree kya karte ho tum doctor sahaeb, ek baar mai thik kyu nahi kar dete.. Ye baar baar ke natak se pareshan ho gaya hu.. Thik kar do jaldi mujhe aur agar nahi kar sakte toh zaher de maar daalo! ". The doctor kept mum and patiently checked him. After analyzing  few minutes , doctor turned to my father and said that it was serious this time and need to be admitted soon. 
            While grandpa was taken to the hospital,  he kept mummering all the way and cursing Dr Parikh. The doctor along with his team prepared for operation. Even at that point my grandpa didn't cooperate and was being and intolerant. 
       I was surprised to see how doctor kept himself calm throughout and handled him with such a tact. The operation took as long as three hours and was a success. After my grandpa regained consciousness he was feeling much better. Laying on the bed in silence, he released how ungrateful he was to the doctor who was so nice and patient to him. He decided to apologize to Dr Parikh for misbehaving 
         At the time of his discharge he called the doctor and asked to forgive him for his misdeeds. With a gentle smile on his face the doctor replied " Sir you don't need to apologize. It was my duty".
      Since that day my grandpa had changed his views for doctors. Dr Parikh was so loving and humble. Our family is very thankful to him. Grandpa is now in good health and is living a decent life. 
Ekta Agrawal