Rakesh Gupta

I Owe My Life To you Doc..

This incident occurred with my friend, I am writing this story on her behalf.
It all started in January 2017, I started my training in Delhi, just after a week I felt sick and remained to do so. I couldn't be able to study properly or eat well enough, within a month I lost 5 kg of my body weight, I went for a checkup and doctor said it was typhoid and pneumonia at the serious level. On 6th of march the condition was very bad I wasn't able to walk or even do anything I came home to mumbai the next day and got admitted in the hospital and the treatment started and continued for a month, fortunately, that day the doctor who use to treat me was on leave, so I went to another doctor who was also a family friend to us, I showed him the reports and he immediately told me that I am still not well and the treatment given to you for a month was wrong. He sent me to take fresh x-rays and other reports, after seeing the fresh reports the doctor said pneumonia and typhoid had converted into tuberculosis, after this, he gave his personal contact number in case of an emergency and emergency arrived on 10th of April, I started to spit blood whenever I coughed, I was in a state of shock and didn't understand anything so straight away called my sister in law to come my home, then she called to the doctor and was admitted immediately and the treatment started, it was very painful, my mom came and she was egaer to know my condition and was talking to me then suddenly wommiting started and spilled blood from my mouth, everybody overthere was shocked to see that and my mom became very angry after seeing such condition she wanted to take a strict action against the earlier doctor, then the doctor came and refered me to another doctor who was a tubercluosis specialist and the doctor took responsibility and started the treatment and he used to check my health conditions daily and any improvemnets in conditions as so far and all the other things and after 10 days of treatment 1st blood report came and it was showing some improvement and doctor was very happy to see this, after some days I could manage to make speedy recovery and be was discharged from the hospital. It was a cheerful occasion in the family as I was discharged from the hospital as well as it was my brothers birthday, I was also excited to join my training back, I contacted doctor to ask if I was fine enough to join my training back he suggested me to take some rest for 1-2 months and motivated me to join back for the training and to take proper care of myself, I went to Delhi to join my training but the denied and told me to join after the full medication is over, I remember an incident back happend in delhi when I forgot to take my medicines as I told my sister in law about it and the doctor told not to skip medicines otherwise all the hardwork done by him will go in vain, then after 1-2 months I stared feeling depressed as there was no such thing to do.  So I told the doctor about my problem and asked if I could have sleeping pills but he straight away denied it and told me that you are a very lucky person and this is as your 2nd life which you are living, as he has seen many cases where patient was in such situation as mine and very few have survived so don't be depressed and live your life to the fullest and just don't give it up so easily. He didn't just treat my disease but also kept me motivated and still remain to do so.