Sakshi Jain

Heart attack and ahmedabad

This happened when my grandmother had been admitted to a hospital in ahmedabad after a minor heart attack.

My family primarily resides in the town of Udaipur in Rajasthan. My grandmother had suffered a heart attack and the doctors their recommended this hospital in ahemdabad for a better treatment. Since it was a minor attack, after a basic treatment at Udaipur, we took her there for further treatment. The doctor informed us that what was a minor attack, could've turned into something deadly since 3 of her arteries showed major blockage. They had to perform an angioplasty on her.

She was in the hospital for over a week and during that time, my entire family was shaken up and scared. The doctors and the staff there not only reassured us, but also gave her the best care they could.
The kind of care and treatment my frandmom received  from the doctors there was heart warming and it made the entire span of 10 hospital days a lot more easy for us as well all her. The doctor even gifted her a showpiece as a goodbye gesture and stayed in touch with her for quite some time.

This was something that none of us expected since we all considered her to be one of the many patients the doctor interacts with. It was really heartwarming and sweet and my grandmother is leading a pretty normal life thanks to him and his team