The Knight

26th August,2014
2 am in the morning,a two day old baby (Divyam now age-5)suffering from severe eye infection was in immense pain.His mother and all other family members worried and confused at the same time.He won't stop crying,his parents rushed him to a famous hospital in Jaipur but due to odd hours there wasn't a single doctor to look after the poor child in his distressing condition.
Then his father reached out to one of his friends for help and he suggested a doctor,Dr Manoj Kabra who was popular pediatrician in Mumbai.Luckily he was in town for a medical conference.The father immediately contacted the doctor and asked him to come to the aid of his ill child.
Dr.Manoj,without any reluctance came in to see the little toddler and by the next morning the toddler was already showing signs of recovery,he was no longer in pain.As told by the parents,if the infection would not have been looked upon it would spread to both the eyes of the child.They are grateful to Dr.Manoj who came as a  knight and rescued their little one!