Months ago i was suffering from leg pain,as i got to know thaat i need to have operation for appendix.
i consulted with my doctor that pain was inversly linked with my appendix which apparently was new to me. i use to suffer from burning pain in my legs day and night. one fine day i decided to finally take up a call and go to the doctor and meet him regarding the same issues, i was not ready for the operation of any sort, i was against all that , gradually the pain increased and i was in a very disgressful situation. 
i knew i had to take the step i was most afraid of, i was very annoyed, irritated as the doctor gave me that resort only, i was disheartened, i still kept up with my pain, i allowed my body to suffer but not to go to something i was not in favour of, but eventually after a few meetings with my doctor the fear started fading away.
finally the day came when i gathered all my courage to gofoward with it.
doctor made it very easy on me.
he turned out to be more like a friend than a doctor, who encouraged me with each step i had to take.