Siddhi Suresh sarda

A step towards trust in doctors

So it was the night i was about to leave for mumbai. I was out for dinner with my family and when returning back to home 2 boys riding bike had no control of their bike and dashed straight away at me. I was unconscious for the next 15 mins and was rushed to an ortho doctor.
I was suffering from left hand clavicle bone fracture with 3 cracks and was advised for atleast 3 months Bed rest with strictly no hand movement.It was the worst period of my life..i had to miss my college my classes and other family functions too. But the best part was the doctors interest in my recovery and my betterment than in money..he advised to me to take proper care for a period of time instead of opting for a surgery. Being a teenager he said our bones have the tendency to join on it own and it can be cured within 3 months without surgery . Happily it did but it ll take more 6 months for my hand to be like before.I am really thankful to Mr.Shaikh for his service. It ll be really great for our country to progress if all the doctors serve for people and not for self needs.