Gave me a new life

So this story is not about me but about a family member who I am very close to and how the doctor helped us in her sickness.
Its generally said that allopathic cures quickly but I've seen a rather rare scenario where homeopathic cured even more quickly. 
So my family members had been suffering from high fever and a major throat infection. We gradually found out that the tonsils have swollen up to the extent that if we do not get it operated within the next 4 hrs. It could be a damage to life and even after operating it might not get fully cured. We in general have a lot of belief on a homeopathic doctor who is also our family doctor and therefore before doing something we considered asking for his advice. He checked and told us that undoubtedly the situation has gone out of hands but he will cure it with his medicine. He mentioned some facts about how it was going to happen for the next 24 hours and it was exactly same. He saved us from a big loss. A loss of life. Till date we thank him for his big big support and contribution. He did give a new life to my entire family.