Adnan Sharif

My life saver!!

‘Doctor saves lives by contructing a healthy life,designers save lives by constructing a life worth living’’. A few days back I was with my friend going home on  back ,suddenly  we got hit by a wrongly driven taxi.we fell and my friends got unconcious.It was 3am at night,I parked the bike and took an auto to the nearest friend being unconcious ,I  had to carry him to emergency ward . I still remember the long line I had to get for police report,with my friend  lying unconciously on the bench with his wounded leg  which had  blood dripping out of torn jeans .Then came  Dr.sharma ,seeing  the miserable  condition of my friends  he look him straight  to the operation  theatre  without asking for all documents.
After 1hrs he came  out of  the operation room with a smile  on his face telling that nothing to worry about,my friend had 4 stiches on right leg,and prescribed him  some medicines and we had  to vist to doctor every 2days for fresh wound dressing.The doctor was no doubt a lifesaver  for my friend but he was also lifesaver for me!!