My Family Physician (Doctor) is a concept which is fast waning. That is the Doctor we go , sit without appointment and discuss even family matters while getting examined/treated and they ask with genuine concern about family members. Such is the personal touch and caring attitude. Their Diagnosis is very accurate and give timely treatment.

I feel blessed and lucky to have 2 such Doctor as my family Doctor. (Late )Dr. P.S. Hegde was one such wonderful Doctor who diagnosed Hepatitis at a very early stage for my daughter and was so concerned of the charges for lab test saying "will be slightly high". Such concern, in these days where referring and battery of test is the norm of the day, is rare to be seen.

When he expired in April 2017 , apart from being sad for his family, I was sad for myself with a big question mark, who shall I go to in case I fall sick?  He used to understand how and what I felt, exactly what was happening to me and will always say "you will be fine" which instill positivity and enough to feel well.

Thankfully his son Dr. Swaroop Hegde has definitely inherited all his father's qualities and is compassionate despite being an MD and has an extremely tight schedule. That was the reason I was worried whether he would find time to come to the Father's clinic. He is with a Private Hospital as in-charge, gives lectures in medical colleges, visits a couple of hospitals. I still fail to understand when he is home to eat and sleep!.He goes to hospital in the morning and then to clinic and from there for visits to other hospital or any other assignment and then to the clinic again till late night. In between these there are emergencies. I always pray that he should enjoy good health always and live long albeit with a selfish motive ! He explains so well about the sickness and treatment to each patient very patiently in a way one can understand.

Recently I was detected with Kidney stone and that was the time the Senior Hegde had expired. I had severe pain and Dr. Swaroop squeezed his schedule and came all the way to the clinic at odd time ( not the usual clinic time) and after treating and prescribing offered to drop me home. Such personal care and immediate attention we don't get in so called developed countries. I have experiences of relatives living in USA where only a nurse will see you first ( may be well qualified) and doctor sees you for just 2/5 minutes. I am talking of general physician. There is absolutely no personal touch and to get appointments one has to wait for weeks. No immediate treatment unless in very high exigency in "After Hours" and any Doctor available would treat. Our Doctors , both Father and Son come for house visit in emergency immediately.


Coming back to my case, after sonography etc. I had to be operated for Kidney stone. Dr Swaroop called the Chief Doctor at the hospital, fixed for Urologist for surgery and then send me to hospital. There again he called the admin for formalities . After surgery , he came to visit me at the hospital , although there were resident doctors were there. Truly a feeling of Family belongingness. On the night of discharge I developed allergy to some medicine prescribed by hospital. At that late hour of night , he prescribed medicine and I got better. He personally answers all questions on WA when we have queries . Basically the concern, the care also forms the part of treatment and accelerate the well being.

"I respect these qualities of my Doctor. He is my Hero" I also vote for the concept of "Family Doctor"