Fatal Attraction -2



There are moments of fun, even hilarity, even within the grim precincts of a hospital. One day I received a call from the Casualty office at midnight saying that some thirty odd people were milling around asking for me. When I hurried down I was confounded to see many more pouring in looking very concerned. Many of them hailed from the upper classes. Each of them had received a telephone call between 10 and 12.30 midnight, saying that a young girl had been found unconscious on the road and had been rushed to the K.E.M. Hospital and that the doctor had found a card on her person that gave the name and telephone number of those called. The police, the caller said, were not able to identify the girl and would the gentleman kindly rush to the hospital?

That was the story. It was, of course, a fib. No girl had been admitted to the hospital and there were no police around either. Somebody had concocted the story and must have been watching the fun. I had a hard time trying to convince all those worthy citizens that they could go back home in peace, and that I was sorry that they had been put to great inconvenience as a result of an elaborate hoax. It was only later that it dawned on me that the date was 31 March.