Doctor's Dilemma (1)



The medical profession has undergone substantial change in this century with pseudo-importance being given to materialistic evidence though, admittedly, biotechnical advances have helped the physician in diagnosing and monitoring diseases. However, this has created a certain distance between the doctor and his patient. The success of the medical professional depends, primarily on his knowledge, sincerity of purpose and capacity to develop the patient's faith. I feel mutual understanding goes a long way in a patient-physician relationship.

It is after graduation from medical college that one realises the importance of inculcating good bedside manners, conversational ability and a sound analytical approach. To me, the socio-economic aspect is important but the present tendency to commercialise and consider the patient as a saleable commodity is detrimental to the profession.

My earliest impressions are from my first residency in 1964. It was then that I realised that it is one thing to have a sound theoretical knowledge and quite another to practise what one has learnt. Knowledge can be gained from books but training and experience one acquires from good teachers.

Compilation of professional reminiscences of specialists - edited by M.V.Kamath and Dr.Rekha Karmarkar.