mansi singh

A not so pleasant memory

Guest Story 

Everyone has that one painful childhood memory that's etched into their hearts, that one incident that was so dreadful they can never get it out of theirs heads. For me that memory will never be pleasant, it was when I was 10 years old  I was hurrying up the stairs, when I slipped and fell. My head had hit a very hard object, it was a one my father's dumbbell.
My head began to bleed soon after, blood dripping down my clothes until then I had never realized how much the sight of blood shook me. My mother came down as I screamt for help, unfortunately that day my father was out of town. It was a school holiday on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti so all the nearby hospitals were closed.
My mother and I were on the street looking for any kind of medical help that we could get, when a person stopped his car on seeing us. He offered help on inquiring he told us that he was a doctor and he had a clinic nearby! His name was Dr. Nadeem Qureshi  as soon as he saw the state I was in, he hurried us to his little clinic. In fact he was on his way to the clinic for some work. On reaching he immediately cleaned the wound and stitched it up. He asked me to keep visiting him for the next 7 days for the dressing of the wound. On the last day he carefully removed my 5 stitches.

We urgently needed help that day, and because that day was a national holiday and no hospitals were accessible. Dr. Nadeem's help meant a lot to me and my mother that day, it was as if God himself had sent Dr. Nadeem to help me. Doctors like him that offer to generously help the patients are the kind of doctors the world needs.Since his clinic is the nearest medical aid to our house and since Dr. Nadeem is always so cooperative we always visit him whenever we have a health problem. 

Neha Agarwal