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Dr. Amit Mahore

Guest Story 
My name is Prathmesh Anjarlekar just last month I had to rush my dad to the hospital. We didn't know what was wrong, my dad was unconscious and we couldn't get him to regain consciousness. Upon reaching the Global Hospital Parel Dr. Amit Mahore examined my dad, he instructed us to run some tests and what we found out the next day through his MRI reports was truly shocking.
Dr. Amit implied that a brain surgery had to be conducted immediately or my father wouldn't survive.My father was diagnosed with aneurysm, a condition in which 20% of the patients die before getting to the hospital, another 30-40% die within the next 30 days and half of the patients that survive have to depend on others for the rest of their lives.Before proceeding with the surgery Dr. Amit told me that my father might suffer a heart attack or paralysis during or after surgery.  I was heartbroken but Dr. Amit begged me to stay calm, he said he would do his best and try in every possible way to make the surgery successful.
The surgery was conducted on 25th Feb, it went on for a couple of hours, those hours were crucial and trying for my family. After the surgery my father was admitted in the ICU and didn't gain consciousness until after 3 days. 3 days after the surgery Dr. Amit told us that if my father didn't survive the following night, we would lose him.  Miraculously he regained consciousness the very next day, call it a miracle or the expertise of Dr. Amit or a mixture of both. It can also be said that maybe I was lucky in having Dr. Amit as my father's doctor, who never once kept us in the dark and successfully performed the surgery with years of his expert experience! I'll forever be grateful to him for saving my father's life.
Prathmesh Anjarlekar