mansi singh


Guest Story 
My daughter was 5 years old when I noticed a white patch on her neck. We consulted a doctor who told us that the patch had appeared because Maya had worms in her stomach. The medication lasted for 6 months but we didn't see any results. My husband and I were worried we visited a homeopathic doctor who prescribed a few drugs. The treatment went on for 1and a half years, but we again didn't see any results instead of  the patch disappearing it began becoming more prominent, it had made its way to the right ear of Maya and would soon cover her cheek if we didn't consult a good doctor.
I visited the Dhamtari Christian Hospital for my daughter' s treatment where the doctor diagnosed my daughter with vitiligo but doctor said he couldn't treat her and recommended me see another doctor. I and my husband were scared now.
Our friend suggested us a doctor,his name was Dr. Vaibhav Daniel, he was a pediatrician and a skin specialist  , he lived in patna but his family stayed in Dhamtari and he was visiting town for a day because it was his son's birthday. Dr. Vaibhav's mother in law was doctor as well and so I contacted her and begged to her to get an appointment from her son in law. 
That day itself Dr. Vaibhav visited his mother in law's clinic specially to examine my daughter.After he examined her he prescribed 3 pills and a syrup that my daughter was to take per day. 
Though it was his son's birthday and he was visiting town for only one day he took out some time for my daughter on my request without any hesitation. Within a month I saw a visible difference, the white patch had almost faded. What we had been trying to treat for the past 3 years had been cured in just a month due to the right diagnosis and accurate medications from
 a considerate and an expert  doctor,Dr. Vaibhav Daniel!My daughter is 7 years old now and completely healthy thanks to Dr. Vaibhav!
Sushmita Bhushan