Ayushi Sarda

My second life.

Hiiii, I want to share my story with you all..
So when I was in class 8th
I have been through Chikungunya 
This is very critical disease. I was on a bed for 4 months from October to January... I had concerned  many Alophethic Doctors with their prescribed medicines,tubes, lotions... Trust me guys 4 months and 10 to 12 Doctors.. but nothing made me better.. my condition got worst because of the different medicines it reacted me to the core... at mid night I had been through Cramps many a time because of jointpain..I felt like I m a zombie.. I was alive mentally not physically..my family got scared and that’s the worst feeling I can come across to because my parents didn’t slept in that days, because of me then I tried to switch over from allopathic to homeopathic  Doctors.
There is a doctor named called Dr. Latif Waris he is from Kanpur.. he just came in my life as a God, Trust me Friends he is amazing doctor with his medicines I recovered in 4 weeks..
I used to getup on my own from bed without any help.. no cramps .. because of this disease my life change tremendously but because of Dr.Latif Waris I got back to my normal life and routine and I don’t think this would have been possible without Dr. Latif Waris..
I owe my second life to him..