mansi singh

A peice of my heart

My name is Manju Soni and the story I am going to share today is very close to my heart. Life with my family was as happy as ever, my whole life revolved around the solicitude of my husband and my two beautiful children when suddenly everything changed one day. My husband had a seizure, I rushed him to the hospital where we found out that he had a tumor in his brain. The doctor said it wasn't anything serious and it could be dissolved by just medicines, which unfortunately did not happen. 

My husband began having frequent seizures which would leave his body powerless. I had to do something about it, my brother suggested I visit the popular hospital Max Fortes in Delhi.I met Dr. A. K Singh there he was a popular neurosurgeon. On examining my husband he implied that my husband needed immediate surgery to remove the tumor which sadly had not dissolved even after all the powerful medication.After the surgery we were called to Delhi again. 
Something terrible had happened, this time my brother came along to, he asked the doctor what was wrong because he knew that I wouldn't be able to cope with the trauma of what had happened. Dr. Singh insisted that I be told everything clearly since I was the one who had to live with my husband I was the one who had to take care of him, he thought it would be best to tell me everything clearly. I was told that my husband's tumor was cancerous and that it would only take 9 months for it to relapse. I was heartbroken, my soul was shattered my husband's days were limited. Unfortunately the tumor relapsed after 3 months of surgery and my husband's health deteriorated. 
This time on visiting Dr. Singh, I told him I wasn't financially stable me being the breadwinner of the family, all the money we had,had already been spent on the expensive treatment of my husband. I was helpless, but Dr. Singh was a gem of a person he didn't think twice and said "aap befikar rahiye main saari cheeson ka khyaal rakh lunga." He had generously offered to conduct the surgery without charging me. He had also arranged for me and my kids to stay in good hotel since we didn't have a place to stay. 
But unfortunately before conducting the second surgery I was told that if the tumor was removed it would leave the left side of my husband's body paralyzed permanently and the surgery would only win him a couple of months to live. The second I was told this all my courage, hope and energy drained out of me, my whole life flashed around my eyes. It felt like I had already lost my soulmate, my heart ached it reeked of despair. But I wanted to snatch away as many days as I could afford for my husband's life and I agreed to the surgery. I prayed to the Gods for my husband's life. 
During the surgery itself, the left side of my husband's  body which was earlier paralyzed began responding, the doctors were shocked they called it a miracle. Two days after the surgery I took my husband home, the left side of his body was fully functional, in fact we travelled back to Kota via train. Doctors had told me my husband had 2 months to live, but my husband survived and recovered it was a miracle! 
I will never be able to put it into words,it was a surreal journey.Dr Singh played a major role in our lives, I had never come across a doctor like him  he had a heart of gold, I'd never met someone so generous, he not only conducted the surgery at his expense but even arranged for my stay comprehending my financial crisis. He never kept me in the dark, he patiently told me about all the serious complications my husband had and that he wouldn't live to see his kids grow. It was truly a miracle he said that they had managed to save his life. The communication I had with Dr. Singh is the kind every patient and his loved ones demand from their doctors, the cooperation , the understanding and the generosity that my husband and I were treated with by Dr. Singh will never be forgotten. It felt like he had fixed my heart he had stitched back the peace that had broken off. He will always be more than a doctor to me and my family, his consistent efforts saved a life, he was just too humble to call it a miracle. The phrase 'Doctors are God' wouldn't at all seem irrational if I used it for Dr. Singh and saying that is a lot.