mansi singh

Accurate Diagnosis

Guest Story 

I was devasted when my mother met with an accident back in 2016.In the accident she fractured her left leg, her bone was so badly crushed that the doctors had to implant a rod to deal with the wreckage it had caused. After about an year of the surgery my mother's leg began swelling up, it would remain swollen for days on end  sometimes the pain would become intolerable. 
We visited a couple of doctors but no one could accurately diagnose my mother's condition. We visited the kasturba hospital and the AIMS Hospital in Bhopal there too we gained nothing but disappointment. On visiting the AIMS Hospital the doctor even went to the extent of saying that my mother's leg was badly infected and they might have to amputate her leg.It left me heartbroken and I did not not what to do next. 
Something inside me wasn't willing to accept that my mother needed to get her leg amputated,  I decided to give it one last try and so I contacted a few of my close friends. One of them suggested me to go to Dr. Shailendra Singh. He is a very renowned doctor in Bhopal. He had really busy schedules because if his expertise everyone wanted to be treated by him. After contacting him we got an appointment with him for the coming week, but just a day later my mother was in immense pain and I didn't know what to do. So I called Dr. Singh and asked him if I could immediately visit him to which he readily agreed. That day fortunately he had been working late and was still in his clinic. 
We reached at around 11 in the night, and as soon as Dr. Singh inspected my mother's leg he inquired,"Do you take any medication associated with blood pressure problems?" , my mother said, "yes doctor I do.".Miss Anjana he said,"this is the root cause of the swelling and pain, all your mother needs to do is lower the intake of her blood pressure pills and her leg will be fine soon."
I was in shock, that's all?I asked myself. So from the next week onwards we followed Dr. Singh's advise and we could see the results pretty soon. The swelling was already going down in just two week's time, also the pain had become tolerable now. Within a month's time my mother's leg was healthy again. 
What surprises me to this day is that Dr. Singh had not taken a second to comprehend what had gone wrong with my mother's leg, he had such an expertise in his field that he didn't even need to conduct any tests before he told us what the problem was. Accuracy in diagnosis is a very essential step towards getting the apt treatment,  and Dr. Singh is best at that no wonder he is a renowned doctor!
I had once thought my mother would lose her leg where I had given up all hope Dr. Singh put me and my mother right back on track with his effortless expertise in his profession, it still leaves me baffled when I think back to that time!

Anjana Singh