mansi singh

A lesson

It is a well known fact that we never value something until its lost or some might say we realise its worth when its lost,well something of this sort happened to me too.I am a 21 year old law student and i've eyesight issues since a very young age,i've been wearing spectacles for as long as i can remember.This fact had never really bothered me until something terrible went down in July ,2017.
I woke to my left eye watering and itching,I sat up,opened my eyes,i soon realised that the vision in my left eye was blurry,a few hours later i had lost my peripheral vision,I had also been having flashes.I was immediately taken to the Rajwadi Hospital (Ranchi) by my parents where we met Dr. Nikunj Shah,who was an eye specialist.He informed us that due to exertion my retina had detached itself from the supportive tissue in my left eye.Dr.Shah suggested,we conduct a surgery within a week's time or i would lose vision.We ran the necessary tests to determine if my body was ready for the surgery or not.It was found that the haemoglobin level in my blood was very low,as a result of which,for the next two days I was injected with iron supplements which would increase my haemoglobin level.Somehow my haemoglobin level had decreased even after two days of being on iron supplements.
Dr. Shah was worried because my surgery needed to be done urgently and we were running out of time,he suggested we conduct the surgery as soon as possible,that very day Dr.Shah made sure that i was interviewed by a medical expert in the Rajwadi Hospital on how often did i feel fatigued, and inquiries like, how my body reacted in times of activities that demanded rapid heart activity.The interview was taken to examine how my haemoglobin level affected my bodily functions and whether it would be safe to conduct the surgery or not,since my body organs would need sufficient oxygen during the surgery.
On the day of the surgery Dr. Shah told us that because the hospital only had facilities associated with eye sight complications and the faculty too,were only eye specialists,if in case my blood pressure increased during the surgery or if they were't able to stabilize my body then they would rush me to the nearby hospital which had he essential facilities and medical expertise.With my low haemoglobin level,Dr. Shah was taking a risk by conducting the surgery because it was very urgent.He had warned us beforehand and had also been very cooperative.The surgery was successful and i was in a stable condition.
In an emergency like this ,Dr.Shah had been a great guide,he had taken the essential steps to make sure that my surgery would be conducted without any complications.Before conducting the surgery he put facts before us so that we wouldn't be ill informed.He had warned us about the complications beforehand like a good doctor would do,I more than my parents was grateful to him for his efforts and the amazing doctor that he was.During my recovery too,whenever i had any issues regarding my eye,even if would call him up at 2 in the morning he would pick up and talk to me patiently and would calm me down. More than a good doctor he was a good man, a kind and a patient man,who also made me realise how important it is to value ourselves the way we are and to take care of ourselves everyday.