mansi singh


Guest Story
My brother was 7 years old when he was diagnosed with tonsillitis.It would get so bad for him that he would not be able to breathe,only a tiny opening in his throat would allow him to breathe ,the rest of his throat would be blocked.It had come to the point where he couldn't eat or drink.He would cry when my mother tried feeding him,he was in pain and we didn't know how to ease it for him.
One of my father's friend told him about a doctor nearby and my parents visited him as soon as they could.Upon looking at my brother's condition,Dr. Tejwani told us that Rahul was suffering from severe tonsillitis and that the only way of treating him was to inject his body with medication ,thrice a day for a week.
The only problem was that ,if the medications weren't injected in his body on the their scheduled timings then his terrible pain would retrieve and once again he would start crying in pain.Since Rahul was very young he needed to be at the disposal of an experienced medical expert because of this issue the doctor,himself visited our home everyday to inject Rahul with the medication ,this needed to be done thrice a day and it demanded a kind of  a discipline,as mentioned before if it wasn't done on time Rahul would experience the excruciating pain in his throat all over again.
Not even once did Dr Tejwani - not come on time.Coming down to our house thrice everyday from his clinic wasn't an easy task for him but then too he was always punctual because he knew that if he wasn't it would have consequences on my brother,this showed his serious concern for my brother.Initially 7 year old, Rahul like any other kid of his age would be scared and nervous before each injection.Sometimes he would cry too,afterall he was just 7 years old, in this time Dr.Tejwani became his strength he injected Rahul with such ease and precision that Rahul had eventually become immune to the injection fright!Dr Tejwani would negotiate with Rahul by promising to give him a candy after every injection.Impatient Rahul would be so tempted that he would bravely get injected and then would proudly ask for his candy,we didn't even realise when Rahul became so strong because of Dr.Tejwani's influence.
He was cured within 2 week's time because of Dr Tejwani's efforts.He had gone out of his way to help Rahul.He had fulfilled all the needs that Rahul's case demanded he had also been so patient and caring towards Rahul that he had begun admiring him, in fact we all did too,he had been more than just a doctor,he had generously helped Rahul get rid of his infection and because of him,now Rahul wasn't scared of injections anymore!
Simran Chawla