A good physician treats the disease , a great physician treats the patient.

Guest story,
The story is about the time when i was in school, and i met with an accident. I feel from the first floor and my elbow bone dislocated.
I went to a doctor and he took ages to treat we were all going mad, especially me, i had a fight with my parents as well as the hospital staff and doctor too.
Then my parents shifted me to another hospital, there was this doctor named DR.KALEY ,he was pretty good, orthopaedic work and everything pertaining to that field, he operated me immidiately, i wanted to thank him since the operation went all well, but since at that time i was a kid, i was very upset about being operated because i was in school.
SO, after that the operation was all done, by the time it was in process to get started i kicked as many people as u can count. I kicked the nurses, i kicked the doctor and somehow they caught my hand and gave me Anaesthesia. I lost my senses , they gave me high doses of the same and after that  when i woke up the operation was done, and it took three months, i had two small rods in my hand, and stitches.
After 3 months , the rods got removed they opened my stitches, the way it was removed , it was opened and they pulled it out with a plier, the blood was flowing out, i was scared but i was enjoying it as it was my first experience with something major like this, above all i knew i was healing , the doctor consoled me,as to nothing will happen, and it will be taken care of , in this case that happened with me the hand cannot go straight later in life. I was very much afraid about that, but after all this that happened.
DR. SALMAN ,hegave me physiotherapy, and he was amazing, my hand could'nt get straight but he did it so well, it took me a month, but then my hand was normal as it was before, i always thought i would'nt be able to get my hand straight, but i am so very thankful to him that i am all fine today and i am as good as normal or maybe even better.